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The EAZA Annual Conference 2019 in Valencia offers a memorable experience, combined with the opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world, to be inspired for innovation and new collaborations, and to have a great time!

Don’t miss the chance to experience the power of being part of an unforgettable experience.

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to reach an international target audience from all over the world
  • Enhance your strategic position in the market and exchange ideas on the latest developments and trends
  • Maximise your return on investment
  • Enhance your visual impact with an exhibition stand showing your unique services and products
  • Connect with more than 800 dedicated colleagues at EAZA-accredited aquariums and zoos who share a common vision to protect and save species.

If you are interested in accessing the Sponsorship & Exhibition Package, please contact us at eaza2019@pacificworld.com




KIEZEBRINK www.kiezebrink.eu

Over the past 29 years Kiezebrink has been diversifying in several specialisms; nutrition for birds of prey, reptiles, zoo animals, dogs and cats. We are constantly innovating, developing and assuring the quality of our products. Conversations with our customers and suppliers form the basis for this quality. With our broad assortment of frozen food and dry food, we offer a one-stop shopping facility. We find it important that animals are fed with food that resembles their natural diet as closely as possible. This perfectly fits our slogan ‘Focus on Food’.

CARL STAHL https://www.carlstahl-architektur.com

CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE’s successful cooperation with zoos and zoo architects all over the world provided the inspiration for a compendium which sums up the challenges of keeping animals in a near-natural environment. Every species has its own individual needs – aspects that should not be underestimated. X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh allows considerable creative freedom when many demands come together – from safety and beauty to stability and openness. X-TEND structures leverage the huge potential of modern building technologies with consummate ease: their spacious layout means each animal has sufficient space while their open design guarantees an unobstructed view and offers unbeatable durability.

SAINT LAURENT www.st-laurent.fr www.saintlaurent.es

Saint Laurent is a company specialized in food and equipment for wild and domestic animals, highly experienced with a broad clientele: zoos, aquaria, breeders, falconry…

Our main objectives are:

  • to provide quality products, adapted to the needs of the animals
  • to reduce transport costs by combining logistic services

Our range of dry and frozen food is one of the most extensive on the market.

Since 2007, we provide a full range of dried foods for animals, especially for birds, primates, herbivores, carnivores…

We also offer food supplements and a wide range of equipment for zoos and breeders, such as incubators and brooders, nets, falconry gloves, etc

HMJ Design www.hmj-design.com

Offer a range of products for enclosure construction and theming. We supply aviaries from idea to turnkey product, at both small and large scales, and have extensive experience with a wide variety of species. We can tailor our services to fit into your existing organisational setup – Or we can act as a one-stop shop, providing an integrated package of design, engineering, bespoke materials and installation, all over Europe. We also offer natural building materials, decoration and theming materials.

RALF NATURE www.ralfnature.com

We create original collections on quality clothing. Ralf Nature is a responsible fashion brand inspired by nature and the animal world.

With more than 25 years experience we are proud to keep on working in a planet respectfulness basis. Our tribe combines quality and creativity, necessary skills to offer a good result but what makes us unique is our attitude, we love what we do.

We enjoy long term relations with large international zoos, theme parks, aquariums, museums and other attractions all over Europe. We walk together with our customers and partners sharing the same values and enjoying the ride.

SPECIES 360 www.species360.org

We create original collections on quality clothing. Ralf Nature is a responsible fashion brand inspired by nature and the animal world.

As a non-profit NGO and global leader in wildlife care and conservation, Species360 mobilizes a network of more than 1,100 aquarium and zoo members across 96 countries to improve animal welfare and species conservation. Our members address today’s most urgent wildlife issues, including establishing best practices in husbandry, enrichment, medical care, welfare, population management, and biodiversity.

Species360’s ZIMS—world’s most comprehensive open database of knowledge on more than 22,000 species—vastly increases what is known about thousands of species, and is instrumental in identifying sustainability strategies for many of the species assessed as vulnerable, endangered, and extinct in the wild.


Recreating the natural rocks has been our main concern from the very beginning of our activities in the industry in 2001. At first, by producing panels that replicated natural rock for various companies, and later on by diversifying the methods we have used to recreate the rocks in order to make them look as close to the natural as possible. In order to manufacture the artificial landscape rocks, we use various techniques – we make glassfiber reinforced concrete panels, manufacture rocks on-site by moulding the concrete on metal structures or we decorate the existing walls with glassfiber reinforced resin panels.

CROSSBORDER ANIMAL SERVICES www.crossborderanimalservices.com

Crossborder Animal Services BV (CAS) is a company that has developed a strong and reliable reputation in the world of zoo animal transportation.

Our strengths are solid communication, reliable equipment, self made customised transportation crates, experienced staff and the fact that we can offer both air (IATA agent) and road transportation all under one and the same umbrella.

All of these key ingredients have resulted into a considerable growth the last two years, creating a multi-functional fleet and finally turn CAS into your trustworthy partner ensuring all of our partners that they you do not need to look elsewhere to put conservation in motion.

MAZURI ZOO FOODS www.mazuri.eu

Mazuri Zoo Foods is dedicated to preserving wildlife through the development of nutritionally sound feeding regimes, research and service for the world’s zoological parks and wildlife collections.
The science of nutrition in captive wild animals is relatively young and there is still a lot to learn. Mazuri Zoo Foods uses its wealth of knowledge accumulated from decades of continued research to formulate feeds that provide the nutritional content that matches as far as possible the natural diets of the wild environment.

DINO DON, INC   www.dinodoninc.com

Based in Media, Pennsylvania, Dino Don Inc. was founded by Don Lessem, a dinosaur expert and creator of the world’s largest scientifically accurate and full-sized animatronic dinosaurs. Dino Don, Inc. has exhibited their dinosaurs at the Bronx Zoo, Heureka Science Center and Elmwood Park Zoo and tours their exhibition, The Real Genghis Khan, now at The Museum of the Rockies. 

IMMOTION   www.immotion.co.uk

Immotion is a new kind of entertainment company with a pedigree in content creation and emerging technologies. We pride ourselves on looking at things differently. In bringing together award-winning directors, world-class CGI experts, state-of-the-art motion platform technology, and a proprietary Content Management System, we are able to deliver new level of immersive entertainment that drives valuable ancillary revenue for our partners worldwide.

 PANGEA ROCKS www.pangea.dk

Pangea Rocks is one of Europe’s oldest and most experienced Rockwork and environment Construction companies with a reputation for high standard.
With a staff of over 25 outstanding designers, artists, and Construction technicians we provide a full in-house from conceptualization to project realisation.
Pangea Rocks is the leading supplier of artificial corals and kelp for aquarium in Europe and the developer of the zoo and Aquarium app, Aratag.com.
Pangea Rocks has been involved in the design and building of more than 675 Zoo, Museum and Aquarium exhibits worldwide. with Offices in Denmark Portugal and in Dubai.